Introducing Aroma-Fusion By Yon-Ka Paris

Taking care of our minds and bodies has become increasingly important, especially in this day and age. Every day, we…

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Introducing the Yon-Ka Paris Loyalty Program

Did you hear the news? Yon-Ka is pleased to announce our brand new rewards program! This is our opportunity to…

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Introducing The All New Yon-Ka Booster Line

Has your skin been feeling rather dehydrated lately? Are you starting to see that your skin is lacking the firmness…

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Introducing The All New Yon-Ka TIME RESIST Duo

If you’re searching for a way to fight wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging, Yon-Ka has a new range…

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Get Glowing Again with Safe and Effective Exfoliating Treatments from YON-KA Paris

Does your complexion look dull and uneven lately?  Are you noticing that some of your fine lines have developed into…

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Deep Cleansing Collection: Gel Nettoyant, Lotion PS, Gommage Yon-Ka, and Guarana Scrub ($176 Value)


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Product Spotlight: Creme Mains

When it comes to skincare, our face seems to get all the love. However, there are other areas of your…

Korrie Martinez

3 Skin-Saving Benefits of Vitamin E

Looking to achieve healthier, more radiant skin? Vitamin E may be the answer. This nutrient has a multitude of skin-saving…

Rachel Moffett

Treatment Spotlight: Essential White

Do you have dark spots or areas of uneven skin tone? Has your skin lost its youthful radiance? Are you…

Brianna Cunningham

What You Should Know About Skin Inflammation

Wondering where that new rash came from? Suddenly noticing that your skin is feeling hot, red, and itchy? Feeling like…

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How Your Computer Screen Time May be Hurting Your Skin

When you wake up, are you guilty of checking your phone before even getting out of bed? Do you spend…

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