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Hydralia ($60 Value): Recover your skin’s natural glow with this intensely hydrating concentrate that boosts the effects of your usual Yon-Ka moisturizer.

Pamplemousse PS ($57 Value): Bask in your skin’s natural glow with this revitalizing cream that protects and nourishes dry skin.

Nutri-Contour ($55 Value): Prevent lines and wrinkles with this vitamin-charged eye and lip contour cream that hydrates and repairs the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. ENTER TO WIN HERE

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Collagen is one of those big beauty terms we hear basically everywhere. But just because we hear it all the time, doesn’t mean we fully understand how it works.

We get that we lose collagen as we age and that the less of it we have, the more that aging is apparent. But how do we hang on to it? You know, make it last longer so that we age slower? There are a few things that we know break down collagen, such as stress, sun damage, and pollution. Avoiding known causes and shielding skin with protective, antioxidant-enriched products, like Yon-Ka’s Advanced Optimizer Crème, is the best strategy to save skin.

This product is particularly effective at defending against damage, because the Advanced Optimizer Duo actually strengthens skin’s defenses so that it can naturally protect itself from aging.  CONTINUE READING

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I have historically been in denial about my diet directly affecting the appearance of my skin, but as I have gotten older, it seems impossible to ignore the connection between what I put in my body and what rears its ugly head on my face. Now, I love the glowing skin that comes along with a good eating regimen, but I am definitely a girl who needs instruction as it relates to what’s good and what’s bad for my whole health. So, where to begin?  CONTINUE READING

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Korrie Martinez

Product Spotlight: Crème Teintee

Rocking that summer glow shouldn’t be reserved just for summer. With Yon-Ka’s Crème Teintee you can instantly achieve radiant, bronzed skin anytime of year — without the harmful side effects of tanning.

Crème Teintee is a lightweight, tinted moisturizer packed with antioxidant protection. Ideal to have on hand whenever you want to keep makeup to a minimum, or a great everyday choice for those on-the-go.

The easy-to-apply formula simplifies your morning beauty routine by replacing both your day cream and foundation. You can now moisturize, blend and bronze in one step with the one-shade-suits-all Crème Teintee in Natural Tan.  CONTINUE READING

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Rachel Moffett

Ensuring Product Freshness and Authenticity: A Quick Guide

It’s pretty safe to say that online shopping has made our lives much easier. We can order everything from clothes, books, groceries, and even our skincare right from the comfort of our couch. But have you ever stopped to think about the authenticity of the products you’re receiving? It’s something you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to purchasing skincare products both online and in-store.  CONTINUE READING

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Korrie Martinez

Product Spotlight: Fruitelia PNG

You always thought your oily skin was enough to manage. Shiny spots on your forehead, blotting sheets in your purse. A light moisturizer in winter, serum in the summer.

Navigating the needs of oily skin felt like a constant struggle. But then one day, when applying blush in the mirror, you smiled just enough to make the apples of your cheeks “pop”, and noticed a line here and a little wrinkle there.

Fighting the first signs of wrinkles (while also dealing with oily skin) was a battle you weren’t ready to fight. Luckily you discovered Fruitelia PNG, the perfect product to win the wrinkle war for you.  CONTINUE READING

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