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Gommage 305 ($44 Value): Illuminate your skin with this ultra-gentle, 4-in-1 gel facial peel that has exfoliating, clarifying, hydrating, and balancing effects. Enhanced by carob and brown seaweed extracts and lime essential oil, this botanical feast is a natural astringent that tightens pores and firms the skin.

Guarana Scrub ($48 Value): Enliven your complexion with this cocktail of 11 active plant extracts that exfoliates the skin using two types of organic particles. The Amazonian guarana seeds exfoliates, and its natural caffeine content stimulates and brightens the complexion.

Lotion Yon-Ka PS ($41 Value): Optimize your skin care regime with this versatile healing water that drenches your skin with the solar charged energy of five aromatic essential oils for purifying, toning, and invigorating effects.

Pamplemousse PS ($57 Value): With an invigorating grapefruit fragrance and an astringent blend of citrus essential oils, this any time of day radiance booster is a true shot of energy that lights up the complexion, defends against aging, and tightens pores. ENTER TO WIN HERE

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Lara Ramos

How to Get the Most out of Your Mask

Face Mask

Masking is one of those extra-credit skincare routines that most people tend to dabble in reactively instead of proactively. The truth is that masks can be real wonder products when you use them correctly. It’s important to set aside some “me time” to use them. Beauty mavens will have no problem with this, because indulging is the very best part of beauty after all, however most of us will admit that finding the time to take special good care of our skin can be a real challenge.

Here are a few ways to not only find the time to get masking, but how to make the very best of your mask experience…  CONTINUE READING

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It’s no secret that the winter months can do a number on our delicate skin. The drop in temperature outside can leave us with rosy cheeks from just about the instant we step outside. And dealing with the cold air outside and the warm air from heating inside can cause dry, cracked skin that feels irritated and sensitive. While it’s not fun to deal with, you don’t have to let it defeat you! We have some tips to help you combat the negative effects winter has on our skin.  CONTINUE READING

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Rachel Moffett

Benefits of Rosemary for Your Skin & Health


Odds are, you’ve sprinkled a little rosemary into a dinner dish or two, but have you ever thought about the benefits it can provide to your body? Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary is very beneficial for both your skin and your overall health. If you need a little convincing, we’re sharing a few reasons why you should add this delicious herb to your regular routine. And the best part? You can grow it any time of year! (Just be sure to bring it indoors during the winter months.)  CONTINUE READING

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Korrie Martinez

Product Spotlight: Correcteur Cible

Correcteur Cible is a targeted dark spot corrector that works with Yon-Ka’s Perfect Tone Brightening Duo to decrease the number and size of discolorations. With its high precision applicator, it allows for on-the-spot treatment of sun damage and acne scarring. This targeted solution provides fast and long-lasting results, serving as a skin saving solution for stubborn dark spots.  CONTINUE READING

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