Product Spotlight: Yon-Ka Serum

Just like our bodies, sometimes our skin gets run down. We are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants and the sun, which flood our skin with toxins. Toxins not only damage it but can also leave it dull and ruddy, and even cause wrinkles! Wearing sunscreen and eating antioxidant rich foods can help protect your precious skin — but sometimes SPF and fruit just aren’t enough. 

An energizing concentrate to nourish and regenerate skin. 

Yon-Ka Serum fills in the gaps you might be missing in your skincare routine and diet. It’s a nutrient-packed concentrate that directly targets the cause and effect of depleted skin. Formulated with vitamin F (which combats dehydration) and vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant), it is equipped to tackle dryness and damage head on. Skin appears refreshed and feels hydrated, and your youthful glow is restored. Apply just a few drops for one month’s time to stimulate skin, increase blood circulation and reverse damage.

The non-greasy formula is fast absorbing and fit for all ages and skin types.

Made with a nourishing blend of sunflower, soybean, and corn oil this serum delivers deep hydration in a non-greasy formula. Its rich dose of detoxifying and regenerating essential oils helps give new life to the complexion.  All ages and skin types can benefit from this energizing serum, and it can be worn on its own or in conjunction with your favorite Yon-Ka moisturizer. After cleansing and spraying on your Lotion Yon-Ka, apply one to two drops of Yon-Ka Serum to your face and neck both day and night. Follow with your moisturizer or stop there. Depending on your skin type, Yon-Ka Serum may be all the hydration that you need. Some users even choose to add a drop of Yon-Ka Serum directly into their moisturizer — so experiment with different applications and find the routine that works for you!

Strong skin is in, strengthen up with Yon-Ka Serum.

The “no makeup makeup” trend makes beauty a breeze — if you have the great skin to go with it. When your skin is strong and healthy, there’s no need for those heavy foundations and caked on bronzers. Unfortunately, most of us don’t still possess the flawless skin we were born with. Yon-Ka Serum helps get you closer to that day one glow by recovering the suppleness, tone and vitality that is lost overtime. Use Yon-Ka Serum for one month to restore, renew and reenergize your complexion. At the end of the bottle, your fatigued, damaged skin will be healed and transformed, and your face will seem lit from within. Not unlike what might occur naturally during a one-month spa retreat. Get the simple solution with Yon-Ka Serum today!

Korrie Martinez

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