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Product Spotlight: Vital Defense

Most of us are well aware that pollutants and other environmental stressors can damage the skin. On any given day, we’re exposed to sunlight, smoke, toxins, and pollution. The result? Pre-mature aging, free-radical damage, dark spots, dullness and even dehydration. While wearing sunscreen and religiously washing our skin at night helps to reduce some of these effects, it can’t protect us completely.

If you live somewhere with an unhealthy level of air pollution or you are regularly exposed to these elements due to an outdoors or active lifestyle, Yon-Ka highly recommends defending your skin with Vital Defense day cream.

This moisturizing day cream is also your ally against aging, pollution and free radical damage.

Many day creams just moisturize the skin whereas Vital Defense is both hydrating and protecting. Fortified with vitamins and natural ingredients that boast anti-oxidant and anti-pollution properties, this day cream does much more than keep your complexion soft and supple.

Inside you’ll find organic myrtle, co-enzyme Q10, and vitamins E and C which all work to keep your pretty face protected from aging, pollution and free-radical damage. For that much-needed moisture, plant glycerin, urea, and the amino acid serine deliver hydrating benefits.

Every morning, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply Vital Defense to your face and neck for lasting moisture and preventive care. This unique formula is safe for all skin types.

Recover lost radiance and vitality.

While preventing skin damage is always preferred to correcting skin damage, the past did happen. Maybe you were less-than-perfect when it came to wearing sunscreen? Or had more than a few late nights when you fell asleep in your makeup? It’s okay, we’re all guilty of some skincare faux pas.

Along with the preventative benefits of Vital Defense, this anti-aging day cream can also repair. Anti-oxidants do more than fight free radical damage – they also help repair existing damage. Vital Defense is rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C. And mandarin peel oil promotes blood circulation and encourages new cell production.

Over time, you will notice that skin appears brighter and revitalized.

Strengthen your defenses against environmental stresses further with Phyto 58.

If you’re protecting your skin during the day with Vital Defense, you may want to strengthen your defense with Phyto 58 in the evenings. This invigorating and regenerating night cream will complement your skincare routine and provide added benefits in your fight against the first signs of aging. It comes in two targeted formulas. For those with normal to oily skin, select Phyto 58 PNG. If your skin is on the drier side, go with Phyto 58 PS.

As with any Yon-Ka day or night cream, you can also add an energizing concentrate, such as Booster Defense +, based on your skin type and concerns.

If you live near an authorized Yon-Ka spa, you can also indulge in the Vital Defense skin treatment, which perfectly complements the Vital Defense product. This sixty-minute facial is recommended for ages 25-35 as a preventative step to combat the pollutants and other environmental stressors that damage the skin.

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Korrie Martinez
Korrie Martinez

Korrie Martinez is a graduate from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism and Communication where she began her career as a freelance writer. She covers beauty, health, fashion and travel, and loves discovering new trends and destinations. Follow Korrie on Instagram and Twitter @kokonez, or at

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