Top 7 Tips For Treating Oily Skin

Oil helps keep skin healthy but too much can cause blemishes and acne flare-ups. Luckily, there are easy ways to reduce oiliness for the perfect balance of hydration.

Below are 7 tips to reduce your oily skin and keep your face looking gorgeous…

Cleanse. But Don’t Over-Cleanse.

Wash Face Oily Skin

One of the easiest ways to manage oily skin is to cleanse your face in the morning and at night. Although it may be tempting to wash off oil mid-day, over-washing is known to produce irritation and increases symptoms of oil and acne.

Use The Correct Products

Young Woman Washing Her Face

A common mistake people make is using a cleanser meant for normal or dry skin instead of oily, or vice-versa, which can fail to give the skin what it needs. Make sure you consult a skin care professional to see what your how your skin type is categorized.

Don’t Scrub

Young Woman Washing Her Face

A washcloth or a buffer might do more harm than good. When used on the face this extra scrubbing irritates the skin and can cause it to dry out. When this happens the skin’s natural defense is to overproduce oil to replenish what’s been stripped.

Stick To Powder-Based Makeup

Young Woman Washing Her Face

Use powder or mineral based cosmetics rather than those that are oil based. Look for oil-free, water-based cosmetics that are labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ which means they won’t block pores. Don’t forget to remove make-up at night with a mild cleanser.

Adapt Month-By-Month

Summer Skin

The changing of seasons can influence oil production. It’s important to monitor how your skin varies in different months so you can adjust your skin care routine. You might realize your skin is oiliest in the summer and normal in the winter, so if you’re using the same products all year long, you could be causing more skin problems.

Get Your Nutrients


A key to healthy skin is having a well-rounded diet. Vitamin A, E and C as well as zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium have been proven to improve skin conditions. Fill up on salmon, avocado, almonds, broccoli, spinach and carrots to get a hearty, natural dose of those nutrients.

Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

Avoid Carbohydrates

Foods with a high glycemic index have been linked to skin problems. White bread, potatoes, sugary snacks and drinks are some of the items to avoid. Keep a food journal. If you notice your skin becoming more oily or breaking out, look back 72 hours and see what you ate and try to find a pattern.

What tips do you use to reduce oily skin? Leave your favorite in the comments below…

Jocelyn Delaney

Jocelyn is a magazine journalism major at Syracuse University. She currently blogs at the Always Beautiful Project. She also freelances for magazines with a focus on health and fitness.

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