Top 5 Best Fruits For Your Skin

I love slathering my face with serums as much as the next girl but did it ever occur to you that maybe the secret to beautiful skin lies in your shopping list?

There’s no shortage of data out there that proves choosing the right foods can actually change your skin for the better. So, when it comes to getting clearer, more radiant and younger looking skin, why not treat the problem from the inside out?

To tempt your taste buds and set your skin on the right track, we’ve got five recommendations that will deliver serious results – just one delicious serving at a time…

Fruit For Skin


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Antioxidant-rich berries of all colors are full of Vitamin C, which protects your skin from damaging free radicals that can speed the aging of your skin. Berries also help to eliminate toxins and keep skin clear.



If you have mature skin or if you’re hoping to moisturize and hydrate dry skin, reach for bananas, which are rich in potassium. Potassium’s nourishing and revitalizing beauty benefits will make skin appear softer and more youthful.



Your favorite citrus has some impressive health benefits! Simply adding it to your water or tea can actually reduce the dark spots left behind by blemishes and can also give you more glowing skin.



Many skincare brands have long touted apples as a miracle ingredient. They are the richest source of malic acid and eating them can renew your skin cells, promoting healthier and youthful looking skin.



Eating mangoes can boost your immune system, thanks to their abundance of Vitamin A. Eating them on a regular basis can help fight acne and produce a clear and gorgeous complexion.

There you have it, five foods for a beautiful face – bon appetit!

Which one is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments below…

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  1. I really liked this article as it shows how useful fruits can be used for more than just nutrients. The ways how fruits can be used is wonderful and them being big support in skincare is amazing.

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