5 Skincare Tips For Women in Their Thirties

My skin changed big-time when I hit my thirties. Now, as I am heading full steam ahead towards my 34th birthday in April, I have become even more aware of my skin’s specific needs. There are a handful of things that I have found to be the key to gorgeous and glowing skin in your thirties. 

1. Take your vitamins.

My days are crazed – and not just because I have a wild toddler on the loose. Everyone who is at this point in their life and career is busy, I know that I am not unique. Life is full and exciting in your thirties! But, because of that, I have an extra glass of wine here and there and I eat the occasional chicken nugget off my daughter’s plate in lieu of a fully balanced meal. Using skincare with the right vitamins can actually help to prevent the breakdown of collagen that comes from these bad habits. Skincare antioxidants like white tea, and pomegranate are my new best friend – and I opt for products chock full of Vitamin C to protect my skin from free radicals, and my own bad habits.

2. Wear your SPF.

I am admittedly terrible at this, but the problem is that even daily sun exposure through your car and office windows can contribute to early signs of aging in the skin. Adding a lightweight SPF 25 is the key to prevent photo damage caused by U.V. rays. The addition of SPF actually helps my skin to retain moisture and has also helped to correct a few spots of discoloration on my face.

3. Call your dermatologist and esthetician.

Seriously, right now. If you are fair with your share of beauty marks, it is especially important that you get them looked over annually. I had a scare a couple of years ago with a mole that changed color and texture and that little episode has been enough to keep me in regular contact with my dermatologist. For extra credit, find an esthetician that you love and schedule quarterly facial visits. Not only is this an indulgent and pampering habit, but you will find that your skin is far better behaved when you take it in for regular maintenance.

4. Find a serum.

This was a recent revelation for me. I only started using a regular serum in December, but it has made absolutely all of the difference. My hormonal, acne-prone skin was immediately whipped into shape with an anti-aging serum. Everything is brighter and plumped up, lines and wrinkles have been drastically reduced, and what used to be a dry, rough texture is now happy and healthy. I had no idea what I was missing, and I will never live without this step in my routine!

5. Don’t forget your eyes.

For me, the very first fine lines started around my eyes and in order to keep those fine lines from turning into deep wrinkles, I had to take action. I started with a daily eye cream that includes SPF to prevent any further loss of collagen around my eyes. At night, I follow up with a targeted eye serum for the delicate eye area. When looking for an eye cream, I opt for something that keeps the area hydrated, comforted and smooth.

While entering my thirties has definitely added a few new layers to my skincare routine, I actually find that my skin is looking better than ever. If there is something that you are doing to care for your face and prevent early signs of aging, please share in the comments below!

Lara Ramos

Lara Ramos is the voice behind popular beauty blog, The Glossarie. She translates her passion for products into writing in an attempt to help her readers to build a prettier lifestyle, starting with their makeup bag. Lara’s exclusively-positive reviews focus on quality, highlighting things that are as effective on the inside as they are beautiful on the out. When she is not blogging, Lara enjoys snuggling her newborn daughter and exploring her home city of Washington, DC with her husband, Steve.

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