Product Spotlight: Cellular Code

The more we age, we are exposed to pollution as well as external environmental factors, and allow stress to take its toll on us, the more it shows on our skin. All of these elements lead to skin that loses its density and youthfulness.

However, in these situations, it is possible to “reprogram” the skin through the use of Cellular Code.

This anti-aging serum does more than diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Its patented Cell-Energy Complex actually boosts cellular function so your skin doesn’t just look younger, but it also acts younger.

With daily use of Cellular Code, you’ll be able to turn back the hands of time on visibly aging skin. “I am 72 years old and people cannot believe my skin,” reads one Yon-Ka shopper.

Keep reading to learn how it can work for you…

Skin is smoothed, firmer, and more radiant with less signs of fatigue.

The purpose of any anti-aging product is to smooth away stubborn lines and wrinkles, tighten up skin that has lost elasticity over the years, and brighten the complexion for an overall more youthful appearance. This serum checks every box and is an easy add-on to your current skincare routine. Simply apply two to three pumps to the face and neck after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka. Then follow with your favorite Yon-Ka moisturizer. Cellular Code can be used morning and/or night.

Skin cells act younger and are more efficient thanks to Yon-Ka’s Cell-Energy Complex.

Now that we know the physical benefits of Cellular Code let’s talk about what it does below the surface of the skin. Cellular Code stands apart from your average anti-aging serum because it targets aging at the cellular level while also providing all of the smoothing, firming, and brightening results mentioned above.

Have you ever noticed that some anti-aging products stop working as soon as you stop using them? This happens because some ingredients simply plump or hydrate the skin but do little to correct aging in the long term. As we get older, it becomes more difficult for our cells to function at the optimal level. As this happens, the visible signs of aging start to creep in. Cellular Code reduces cellular aging by boosting cellular longevity, communication, energy, and oxygenation while also reinforcing the skin’s defense potential.

Packaged in double-walled airless pump bottle to prevent oxidation and maximize effectiveness.

Another reason anti-aging products fall short is their shelf life is much shorter than expected. The moment a product is exposed to oxygen it begins to oxidize which can reduce its potency and effectiveness. Cellular Code arrives in a premium packaging which features a double-walled airless pump bottle that prevents oxidation from occurring. As a result, the ingredients maintain their effectiveness from the first drop to the last.

Preventative and corrective anti-aging skincare that works.

You can benefit from using Cellular Code as early as age 35. This anti-aging serum has a light, silky texture that quickly absorbs into skin and pairs perfectly with any moisturizer in the Yon-Ka collection. Long-time fans swear by applying it along with Yon-Ka’s Excellence Code Cream, a highly advanced anti-aging cream that addresses the needs of maturing skin as our hormones begin to change. Also in the Age Exception Collection are the Excellence Code Contours for the eye and lip area and the Excellence Code Masque for lifting and refreshing tired skin. Together these anti-aging skincare products promote timelessness and help keep mature skin forever young.

Korrie Martinez
Korrie Martinez

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