Treatment Spotlight: Plaisir d’ Aromes

Plasir d’ Aromes or “Pleasure of Aromas” is a brightening facial treatment that calls upon essential oils to energize, oxygenate and rebalance skin. Your complexion is left radiant, while the invigorating aroma of the YON-KA synergies of essential oils promotes lasting well-being throughout. 

A Much Needed Escape for the Skin and Senses

An afternoon at the spa should be like a mini vacation — resting the mind, refreshing the skin, and reawakening the body. You should emerge feeling brand new, and looking as if you just returned from a relaxing escape.

Plaisir d’ Aromes perfectly recreates that post-vacation glow by polishing the skin and calming the senses. Your facial will begin with an aromatic compress and relaxing massage that will instantly put you in vacation mode. Your aesthetician will pamper, renew and deeply hydrate your skin with an exfoliating plant-based peel, misting of essential oils, and moisturizing treatment.

With skin exfoliated and hydrated, and tension relieved, Plaisir d’ Aromes gives you that much needed escape from reality by uniting all of the quintessential elements of a facial in one indulgent, hour-long treatment.

Wash Away Fatigue From The Face and Stress From the Mind

Plasir d’ Aromes is a facial designed to treat inside and out.   The constricting effects of stress and fatigue impede the entire body, taking a toll on our internal health as well as our appearance.

Essential oils are a key component in all of Yon-Ka’s products and treatments, but are especially important in the Plaisir d’ Aromes. The harmony of aromas was specifically chosen to promote well-being, wash away the signs of fatigue from the face, and remove stress from the mind.

The invigorating essential oils of rosemary, lavender and thyme meet the hydrating and oxygenating power of citrus, for a relaxing and balancing treatment. As a result of these natural elements, you can expect to be rejuvenated and returned to a rested state from your aromatic Plaisir d’ Aromes facial.

Calm the Complexion and Get “Glowing” with Plaisir d’ Aromes

Only after your skin has been polished, massaged, moisturized and pampered, and you can physically feel the stress and worry lifted from your body, will you understand the true magic of Plaisir d’ Aromes.

Privately referred to as the beauty secret for washing away fatigue from your features and recovering radiant skin, this aromatic facial is a unique experience of complete relaxation and escape. The Plaisir d’ Aromes is easily the fastest and most affordable way to get that “getaway glow” without leaving town.

So why wait? Get glowing and book your treatment at a nearby Yon-Ka Center and see for yourself what the buzz about this “vacation in a facial” is all about!

Korrie Martinez

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