Product Spotlight: Phyto Contour

Signs of stress and lack of sleep can show up in a lot of places, one being the eye area. If you’re tired or up against an endless to-do list, there’s a good chance puffiness and dark circles have made an appearance. While sleeping more and slowing down can definitely help, we both know that is not always an option.

As a backup plan, use an anti-fatigue eye cream such as Yon-Ka’s Phyto Contour to play defense against your busy schedule. This energizing eye cream is specifically formatted to liven up tired eye contours and reduce the visible signs of fatigue.

Discover the ingredients behind this powerful eye cream and how it is helping erase the signs of tired eyes all over the world…

An eye cream with 93% natural ingredients that works faster than your morning cup of coffee.

After applying Phyto Contour around the eye areas, you will experience an immediate uplifting sensation of freshness. Inhale the minty aroma and exhale your stress as the natural ingredients combat your puffy eyes and dark circles. The “magic powers” lie in a high concentration of rosemary, which decongests the eye area by stimulating circulation and flushing out toxins.

Fluids can sometimes build up around your eyes. Rosemary works by “de-puffing” the eyes, leaving them visibly decongested and toned. Under eye circles are also lightened, making you look more rested even after sleepless nights. Rosemary also firms skin, smoothing fine lines and toning the eye contours for a noticeably tightened and lifted appearance.

Enhanced with hydrating aloe, smoothing beech peptides and antioxidant vitamin E.

In addition to Phyto Contour’s firming, toning and draining benefits, this eye cream also boasts a natural blend of hydrating, smoothing and anti-aging ingredients.

Aloe vera and plant glycerin provide moisture by delicately hydrating the eye area. Added beech peptides smooth and restructure the skin’s surface creating a more youthful appearance. Key ingredient vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin against environmental stressors and future damage. Together these ingredients support the properties of rosemary to build an optimal anti-fatigue eye cream.

Use as your morning or evening eye cream and as a targeted treatment when needed.

Another perk of this natural eye cream is its versatility. Phyto Contour is gentle enough to be worn in the daytime or evening and can also be applied as an intense eye mask when needed.

As your morning or evening eye cream, simply apply a thin layer after cleansing to the eye. It may take a few uses before you become accustomed to the vapors of the rosemary essential oil. As a precaution, keep your eyes closed during application.

When using as an eye treatment, eyes should remain closed as well. Applying a thick layer of Phyto Contour and letting the product sit for fifteen minutes will have an immediate anti-fatigue effect. Doing this can also bring almost instant relief on those mornings when you wake up with swollen or puffy eyes.

If you’re already loving the benefits of Phyto Contour, consider this eye cream’s complementary products. Phyto 58 PS (recommended for dry skin types) and Phyto 58 PNG (recommended for normal to oily skin types) are both regenerating night creams that reduce early signs of aging and reveal radiant skin.

Yon-Ka USA
Yon-Ka USA

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