4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

We all know getting quality sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation contributes to a number of issues ranging from irritability and fatigue to cognitive impairment, diminished motivation, depression, headaches, and other health issues. Regularly getting enough sleep, on the other hand, can help us stay energized, positive, resilient, and healthy inside and out.

What fewer people realize is that the way we approach sleep can also have a big impact on our physical appearance. From skin health to hair health, the way we sleep matters. Here are four simple ways to ensure you’re truly getting your beauty sleep. 

Invest in a better mattress.

Beauty sleep only works if you’re asleep. In fact, adequate sleep is critical for reducing eye puffiness, minimizing wrinkles, achieving fuller hair, improving complexion, and looking healthier overall. But if you’re tossing and turning all night, then you’re not going to reap these benefits.

A common culprit for poor-quality sleep is a poor-quality mattress. That’s why experts agree that a comfortable mattress is critical for getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re ready to invest in a better mattress, the most important thing to look for is whether you can remain comfortable on the mattress in your preferred sleeping position for an extended period of time. If possible, give a potential mattress a trial run before making a long-term commitment.

Upgrade your pillowcase.

There’s evidence that using a satin or silk pillowcase is healthiest for your skin and hair. That’s because these fibers reduce tangling of the hair and minimize friction on your skin, which can slow the development of wrinkles and fine lines. No matter what type of pillowcase you use, make sure to wash it on a regular basis (ideally twice a week) so you aren’t nuzzling your skin into a bacteria-laden fiberscape at night.

Wash your face at bedtime.

Sleeping with makeup on can clog your pores and make it difficult for your skin to “breathe.” This, in turn, increases the likelihood of developing breakouts, irritates your eyes, and can also contribute to puffiness around the eyes. If you’re feeling totally exhausted, use a micellar cleanser for quick water-less cleansing and makeup removal. Try to make a habit of cleansing your face every night.

Ditch alcohol before bed.

Consuming alcohol before bed contributes to dehydration, which increases the chances that you’ll wake up with puffy eyes. Alcohol also diminishes sleep quality, which can further erode your beauty sleep. To ensure alcohol isn’t interfering with your ability to get enough sleep and wake up fresh-faced, try to avoid consuming alcohol in the evenings. If you do imbibe, make sure to drink plenty of water to help counteract alcohol’s dehydrating effects.

These are four simple but very effective ways to help achieve healthier skin and hair (and a healthier appearance overall) while you sleep. While the first two strategies may require an initial investment, the payoff is well worth it. And the great news is that the latter two strategies are free lifestyle practices you can easily adopt. By making all four of these tweaks to your bedtime routine, you’ll enjoy greater health and improved appearance for years to come.

Brianna Cunningham
Brianna Cunningham

Brianna is a writer and blogger living in Austin, Texas. When she isn't working, she enjoys running, watching beauty/skincare videos on YouTube and taking her dog to the park.

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