Product Spotlight: Hydra No. 1 Serum

When it comes to moisturizers, hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient for soft, supple, and hydrated skin. Personally, I have used it for years as a way to hydrate my combination-oily skin. But hyaluronic acid is powerful enough to alleviate the driest of skin, and can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration.

You’ll typically find this ingredient delivered in a high-end gel or serum such as Yon-Ka’s Hydra No. 1 Serum. This fast-absorbing formula can be applied before your cream for an ultra boost of hydration either morning or night.

Keep reading to learn more about this long-lasting hydration serum and how it fits into your skincare routine.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid steals the show in this hydrating serum from Yon-Ka’s Hydra No. 1 Collection.

Hyaluronic acid has a slew of skin benefits and is a key active ingredient in Hydra No. 1 Serum. Along with its intense hydrating properties, hyaluronic acid can also speed up would healing and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its skin plumping and softening effects create a healthier, younger looking complexion.

As part of Yon-Ka’s Hydra No. 1 Collection, this serum also contains the anti-oxidant and regenerating vitamins A, C, and E and is formulated with Yon-Ka’s hydration complex of imperata cylindrica extract, PCA, and vegetal glycerin. This complex helps to banish dry, uncomfortable, and dull skin.

It’s supported by aloe vera, silicon, polysaccharides and other natural ingredients that further help to hydrate and restructure the skin for a smooth, hydrated glow.

Use this serum before your day or night cream for a boost of hydration.

Hydra No. 1 Serum’s refreshing gel formula is quickly absorbed making it an easy step to add to your existing skincare routine. After cleansing skin, tone with Lotion Yon-Ka, and then apply two to three pumps of Hydra No. 1 Serum to the face and neck. Follow with your favorite cream–or one of the complementary moisturizers from this collection.

Hydra No. 1 Creme is recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin, while Hydra No. 1 Fluide works best for those with normal to oily skin types. When using during the day, sunscreen can be applied directly over your morning cream.

Better together, these products keep working long after application.

In dermatological controlled tests, the hydration effect of applying Hydra No. 1 Serum and either the Hydra No. 1 Creme or Hydra No. 1 Fluide was measured. Through corneometric testing it was found that the duo had both instant and sustained hydrating effects.

When participants applied Hydra No. 1 Serum and Hydra No. 1 Creme hydration was increased immediately by 144% and 102% after eight hours.

When participants applied Hydra No. 1 Serum and Hydra No. 1 Fluide, hydration was increased immediately by 122% and 76% after eight hours.

These findings confirmed that not only is hydration and relief felt immediately after application, but these products provide long-lasting hydration even hours after being applied. Hydra No. 1 Serum intensifies the effects of these moisturizers and provides the perfect remedy for dry, dehydrated or mature skin.

Korrie Martinez
Korrie Martinez

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