How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips in 5 Steps

As the dry winter months approach, so do chapped, flakey lips.

Since lips don’t have any oil glands, it makes it difficult for your body to keep them hydrated without a little help. Follow these simple steps to give your lips the extra care they need to stay soft and rosy during the chilly months.

Step One

Warm Water

Wet your lips with warm water. Using water that is too hot will dry your lips more.

Step Two


Massage a nourishing and restorative cleanser on the lips. This helps restore moisture you may have lost during the day.

Eau Micellaire or Lait Nettoyant from YON-KA Paris are perfect choices.

Make sure you don’t use a face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on your lips, because it can disrupt pH balance and cause your lips to chap.

Step Three

As a special treatment, apply a gentle exfoliant like Guarana Scrub, rich in caffeine rich guarana seeds and organic brown rice microbeeds. Then rub your lips together, as you would if you just applied lip-gloss, to remove the dead skin and soften your lips. You could also use a wet washcloth or soft toothbrush to help exfoliate. Be careful not to scrub too hard because your lips are more sensitive than other parts of your skin, and it could cause irritation.

Step Four

Pat Lips Dry

Pat your lips dry, instead of rubbing, which will help maintain some of the moisture.

Step Five

Apply Lip Balm

Apply a lip balm or nourishing treatment to your lips which will help maintain moisture and protect your lips against harsh weather.

You will love the rich texture and repairing effects of YON-KA Serum. A drop or two is all you will need and you can reapply throughout the day, trying to remember to do so before your lips start feeling chapped.

Bonus Tip: Even though licking your lips to relieve the dryness may sound like a good idea, it actually makes it worse. The digestive enzymes in your saliva that can contribute to the dryness.

Jocelyn Delaney
Jocelyn Delaney

Jocelyn is a magazine journalism major at Syracuse University. She currently blogs at the Always Beautiful Project. She also freelances for magazines with a focus on health and fitness.

  1. One old remedy of healing dry cracked lips is applying butter or pure ghee into the naval. Oldies say that it makes the lips smooth and heal the cracks faster. Soak rose petals in raw milk for few hours. Then make it a paste and apply on the lips to keep them pink and smooth. This helps the lips to retain their lost color

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