Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

This time of year, I overhaul my vanity in preparation for cold weather and dryer skin. In all actuality, my skin is actually oily throughout the other parts of the year, so this got me thinking – in the winter, does my skin get dry, or is it simply dehydrated? 

Although sometimes tough to distinguish, dry skin will feel rough and flaky. Over time, a lack of moisture can make wrinkles and fine lines more visible, even turning skin more sensitive and inflamed. Dry skin lacks oil naturally so it’s necessary to add some of this back in through your skincare routine.

What kinds of products help dry skin? For a day cream, look for something nourishing with emollients like beeswax and olive oil to help lock in moisture. Crème 83 is a perfect addition to your routine, if you have dry or dry and sensitive skin. In a cleanser, you want something super gentle that also removes face and eye makeup (such as Eau Micellaire). Finally, exfoliation is key! Removing dead skin and supporting the production of new cells is crucial, but you want something gentle that will not irritate your skin’s specific dry-related sensitivities. Using Yon-Ka’s Gommage 305 gently eliminates the dead cells that make skin feel rough and look dull. An additional bonus feature for Gommage 305 is its hydrating action due to its cool gel texture.

If your skin is dehydrated and not chronically dry, it actually lacks water and does not have trouble producing oil. As a double whammy for people like me who are oily and suffer from acne, dehydrated skin is fairly common because of all the drying products that we throw at it to keep breakouts at bay. The worst of it is, our skin can look greasy, but feel tight. Awful!

Thankfully, dehydrated skin can be treated with moisture – it just takes a different type. Humectants like hyaluronic acid (naturally found in healthy moisturized skin and Hydra No. 1 Serum) target dehydration and come in lighter textures that work beautifully with oily skin. When my skin is dehydrated, I also like to use an oil-free overnight mask to replenish lost moisture.  The Gommage 305 can also double as an oil-free overnight treatment mask. This is especially great for travel. Dehydrated skin also calls for a cleansing changeup. Choosing a gentle soap-free gel cleanser (look for one with glycerin) instead of one that strips skin dry is a very important switch.

So for me, it turns out that my winter skin is actually dehydrated. Once the wind starts whipping, it feels similar to the way that it does after one too many cocktails or a long flight. Thankfully, now I know how to treat it! I would love to hear your tricks for treating dry and dehydrated skin, too.

Lara Ramos
Lara Ramos

Lara Ramos is the voice behind popular beauty blog, The Glossarie. She translates her passion for products into writing in an attempt to help her readers to build a prettier lifestyle, starting with their makeup bag. Lara’s exclusively-positive reviews focus on quality, highlighting things that are as effective on the inside as they are beautiful on the out. When she is not blogging, Lara enjoys snuggling her newborn daughter and exploring her home city of Washington, DC with her husband, Steve.

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