Product Spotlight: Anti-Redness Crème

If your skin is prone to redness, your favorite color should be green. Let me tell you why.

Red and green are opposites on the color wheel, which means they “cancel” each other out. Put green on top of red and the red becomes less visible (if noticeable at all).

Since we’ve discovered that this color magic can be applied to beauty and cosmetics, we’re seeing more and more color correcting makeup and skincare pop up. Green concealer? Check! Green primer? Check! You can even find this color correcting effect in a moisturizer like Yon-Ka’s Anti-Redness Crème.

A corrective, soothing moisturizer for redness prone skin.

This moisturizer combines soothing ingredients for sensitive, red skin with natural green pigments that camouflage redness. Together, skin is left feeling and looking calm and comforted immediately after use.

With the first application, you’ll feel relief as discomfort disappears and any “heat” you’ve been experiencing fades away. The green pigments neutralize redness upon contact — and it’ll seem like you just hit the reset button on your skin.

Because of the color correcting effect of this cream, Yon-Ka’s Anti-Redness Crème makes for a great daytime moisturizer. After cleansing and toning, apply this moisturizer to your face and neck. You can wear it alone as a color correcting cream to even out your skin tone, to achieve a more balanced complexion, or apply it beneath foundation as a color correcting primer.

The Anti-Redness Crème can also be used as your nighttime moisturizer and is safe for twice a day use. However, if you’d prefer a night cream without the green pigments, the Sensitive Crème is a similar option from Yon-Ka’s Sensitive collection that you can try.

Potent plant derived ingredients reduce inflammation and help constrict capillaries while hydrating and repairing the skin.

In addition to its instant results, the Anti-Redness Crème also provides long-term benefits for those experience sensitivity and redness. In studies, participants saw a reduction in redness by 31% after one month.

This moisturizer contains Centella Asiatica and Marvel of Peru, two potent plant botanicals, that reduce inflammation, skin’s reactivity, and constricts capillaries. If you’re not already familiar, capillaries are those tiny red and purple veins that are often visible around the nose and cheeks of those with fair or sensitive skin. Centella Asiatica and Marvel of Peru naturally constrict capillaries, making them smaller and less visible, while also reducing redness.

Within the Anti-Redness Crème you’ll also find Bisabolol, which has been used in skincare for hundreds of years because of its potent skin healing properties. In addition, vegetable glycerin, olive phytosqualane, and polysaccharides provide hydrating and soothing properties to deliver additional comfort to redness-prone skin.

Free of ingredients known to irritate sensitive skin types.

While the list of ingredients in the Anti-Redness Crème is definitely noteworthy, it’s also important to discuss what you won’t find inside. This moisturizer is free of parabens and added fragrance—ingredients that could cause irritation to sensitive skin types.

If you have sensitive, red skin, shopping for skincare is often about avoiding ingredients. Yon-Ka formulated the Anti-Redness Crème to minimize the risk of allergy and make a moisturizer that was more about the benefits than the risk of irritation.

Click here to learn more about this redness correction cream from Yon-Ka’s Sensitive collection.

Korrie Martinez
Korrie Martinez

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