Product Spotlight: Advanced Optimizer Creme

For whatever reason—from environmental to personal—sometimes skin needs a reset. That’s where Yon-Ka’s Advanced Optimizer Creme can help. It is an intensive at-home treatment that thickens, restructures and regenerates mature skin over 30 days. When used morning and night, skin becomes firmer and smoother and the facial contours are redefined. Ready for visibly younger looking skin? Let’s take a look at how this anti-aging cream goes to work.

Transform mature skin in just one month.

Everyone ages differently but many of the concerns are the same. Some of us experience slackening of the skin (thanks, gravity!), uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness – to name a few. While an anti-aging skincare routine can do wonders for preserving our youth and vitality, sometimes our skin could still use a little extra TLC.

The Advanced Optimizer Creme is an intensive treatment designed to be used morning and night consecutively for one month. It is applied after Yon-Ka’s Advanced Optimizer Serum  as a comprehensive program. When used together, this anti-aging duo doubles down on preventing and helping to regenerate aging skin with a lack of firmness and tone.

Plump and hydrate skin for a more youthful appearance.

Mature skin needs moisture and this anti-aging treatment is plentiful in hydrating ingredients that will replenish and smooth the skin. Inside you’ll find hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, shea butter and milk peptides which help skin retain moisture and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The result is plumper, more youthful skin that feels comforted and less tight.

Reverse time with the Advanced Optimizer Creme’s thickening and firming properties.

This treatment was specially formulated with ingredients that address slackening of the skin. Some noteworthy additions are horsetail extract, which is rich in silicone and carries anti-aging properties, and wild rose, which is packed with anti-oxidant vitamin C. These powerful, natural ingredients regenerate and firm the skin to reverse time. Added white lupin peptides provide further anti-aging effects with its thickening properties.

Continue to reap the benefits of this anti-aging treatment after 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, both the Advanced Optimizer Creme and Serum can remain as part of your skincare routine. Just limit yourself to a once daily application by using in either the morning or evening and supplementing with your favorite AM or PM Yon-Ka cream. Every few months or so, the intensive treatment can be repeated by returning to a morning and evening application for 30 days.

Whenever using exfoliating or anti-aging products like the Advanced Optimizer, remember to wear sunscreen daily as a way to prevent aging and help maintain results.

Korrie Martinez
Korrie Martinez

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