5 Steps To The Perfect Before Bed Skin Care Routine

Your skin goes through a lot during the day so it’s important to detox and reset everything before you settle in for a night of restorative sleep. Here are some of my favorite ways to prep my skin for an evening of beauty rest…

1. Remove your makeup.

Young Woman Washing Her Face

This one is crucial because makeup is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clogged pores. I like to use a milky or cream cleanser that I can smooth onto my face when it’s dry and then tissue off or rinse with warm water.

2. Pull back your hair.

Young Woman Washing Her Face

Since hair traps oil and bacteria (not to mention any silicones, etc. that may be in your favorite hair products), pulling it back with a soft scrunchie makes sure that these acne-causers to not get in your face.

3. Hydrate.

Young Woman Washing Her Face

Use a skin cream meant for nighttime. Night creams tend to be thicker and possess many reparative and therapeutic actions plus hydration.

4. Apply eye cream.

Gentle Skin

Do not neglect the most delicate skin on your face! The skin around your eyes requires a cream rich in aloe and Vitamin E natural oils and anti-oxidants to keep things looking youthful, preventing dark circles and crow’s feet.

Try Nutri-Contour from Yon-Ka Paris, a nourishing and repairing treatment for your eyes and lips.

5. Change your pillowcase.


I like to do this weekly because I find that bacteria and product residue can really build up, causing serious breakouts.


Following these simple solutions will help to keep your skin clear and healthy while you sleep.

Do you use any of these tips in your nightly routine? If so, comment below on which one you think works best!

Lara Ramos
Lara Ramos

Lara Ramos is the voice behind popular beauty blog, The Glossarie. She translates her passion for products into writing in an attempt to help her readers to build a prettier lifestyle, starting with their makeup bag. Lara’s exclusively-positive reviews focus on quality, highlighting things that are as effective on the inside as they are beautiful on the out. When she is not blogging, Lara enjoys snuggling her newborn daughter and exploring her home city of Washington, DC with her husband, Steve.

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