3 Reasons You Should Be Using a Humidifier

Is winter behaving as wickedly where you are as it is for me? We have had a string of days with temperatures in the low 20’s – but I know that others have it far worse! Aside from being downright miserable, the extreme cold does not do nice things for my skin. Everything from my hands to my feet begins to suffer from dryness and so, I break out the humidifier to counteract some of the effects. If you’re not using a humidifier, here are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider… 

1. It soothes dry skin.

The first time I slept with a humidifier was when my baby daughter had her first terrible cold. We put that thing on blast and since she was sleeping in a bassinet next to me, I was directly in the misty path. I was delighted to wake up the next morning with my lips and hands feeling less dehydrated. My face also felt suppler – so long dullness, hello glow! After a quick Google search, I learned that the skincare benefits of sleeping with a humidifier are tremendous. So, now we own two.

2. No more nosebleeds.

I am lucky enough not to suffer from these, but I know that they can be devastating. A humidifier keeps your nasal passage moist and lubricated, balancing the dry climate that causes dreaded nosebleeds. If you suffer, this is definitely worth a try – but please check with your doctor first. The same benefit can actually help anyone who struggles with sinus congestion, allergies and sinusitis, too. No more allergy face? Win!

3. It helps to cure a cold.

So stuffed up that you can’t breathe? The humidifier is your new best friend. The infusion of instant moisture will help to alleviate dry throats and stuffy noses while also (bonus!) helping to put a stop to snoring. Just make sure to shut your door so all of that good moisture is locked in and really lasts. Finally, since all of us would prefer to stay healthy this winter, a humidifier can actually help reduce the risk of getting sick since viruses and bacteria cannot travel as well through damp air.

Clearly the health and hydration benefits of having a humidifier are many – but where you should you put it? And which kind should you purchase? I like to keep mine in the bedroom because it’s the only spot I am guaranteed to spend several hours each night. A warm mist humidifier is ideal because its closest to your natural skin temperature. Regular nightly use will have you saying “See ya!” to the sniffles, unsightly rough, scaly skin and dry, coarse hair.

Do you think you will add a humidifier to your home this winter? Let me know in the comments below!

Lara Ramos
Lara Ramos

Lara Ramos is the voice behind popular beauty blog, The Glossarie. She translates her passion for products into writing in an attempt to help her readers to build a prettier lifestyle, starting with their makeup bag. Lara’s exclusively-positive reviews focus on quality, highlighting things that are as effective on the inside as they are beautiful on the out. When she is not blogging, Lara enjoys snuggling her newborn daughter and exploring her home city of Washington, DC with her husband, Steve.

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