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What is Psoriasis and How Can It Be Treated Naturally?

Psoriasis stems from genetics, the environment and your body’s immune system. 80% of those who suffer from this chronic autoimmune disease, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes, have plaque psoriasis. Plaques are thick, red, itchy patches that can show up on any part of the body. Although the cause of psoriasis is not completely clear, it is important for those with the condition to understand that it is more than just a skin problem, and to seek medical attention if needed, especially in moderate to severe cases. In addition to your recommended treatment, complementary naturally cures can decrease your discomfort and improve your quality of life. Ask your doctor about trying these natural remedies for treating psoriasis. 

Recommended supplements and foods for treating psoriasis.

Many believe the right diet and supplements can improve psoriasis symptoms. Here are some of the healing and anti-inflammatory foods mentioned.

  • Probiotics – Available as a supplement and also found in some cultured dairy products like yogurt and kefir, and fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut. Probiotics are thought to promote healthy digestion and also have positive effects on immunity and inflammation.
  • Antioxidants – There are few healthy diets that won’t recommend you increase your daily dose of antioxidants. Eating fruits and vegetables are obviously a great source, as well as nuts, beans and herbs.
  • Vitamin A and Zinc – A vitamin and mineral that are great for skin, including healing psoriasis. You can find vitamin A in abundance in carrots, mango and dark leafy greens like kale and collard greens. Pumpkin seeds, chickpeas and beef are a few foods that deliver zinc.
  • Fish oil – Anti-inflammatory and a popular skin supplement, taking fish oil is believed to assist in the healing process.

Essential oils for treating psoriasis.

Topical treatment of psoriasis through using essential oils is known to reduce inflammation, calm irritation, promote healing and deliver antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Some popular essential oils for treating psoriasis include:

  • Tea tree oil – There are multiple benefits of applying tea tree oil to the skin. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system, and protects against infection.
  • Lavender oil – The calming and soothing properties of lavender oil are found to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and aid in healing and the production of new skin. Lavender oil is one of the key ingredients in Yon-Ka’s Phyto Bain, a relaxing and aromatic bath oil.
  • Geranium oil – For improving circulation and also as a reliever of stress, geranium is another recommended essential oil for treating psoriasis.

Lifestyle changes that can improve psoriasis.

In addition to eating right and using natural topical remedies, there are things you can do in your daily routine that can improve your psoriasis symptoms. Start with reducing stress as much as possible. Try meditation or start by simply taking a ten minute “time-out” to unwind a few times throughout the day.

Exercising can also reduce stress and is another beneficial lifestyle change. Try to incorporate exercise into your schedule, even if it is just a thirty-minute walk around the neighborhood.

You can also unwind in a calming bath of Epsom salt or oatmeal. Soaking in either of these soothing ingredients will not only ease your nerves, but can also alleviate itching and help the plaques shed from your skin.

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Korrie Martinez
Korrie Martinez

Korrie Martinez is a graduate from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism and Communication where she began her career as a freelance writer. She covers beauty, health, fashion and travel, and loves discovering new trends and destinations. Follow Korrie on Instagram and Twitter @kokonez, or at

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